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Frequently Asked Questions

See the answers to frequently asked questions, or check our contact page:

Reservations can be made via our website or by phone at
+48 785 006 070

There is no age limit in our rental.

All rentals of less than 30 days have no mileage limit.

All our locations can be found in the LOCATIONS tab.
It is also possible to pick up and return the car at any address (also outside Poland). In this case, we encourage you to CONTACT us, we will calculate the service individually.

Payment can be made when booking online or when picking up the car with a personal payment card.

The tenant is obliged to have at the time of receipt of the car:

  • driving license honored on the territory of Poland
  • current ID card
    or passport,
  • proof of payment in the case of online payment for the rental, with a credit or payment card, when you decide to purchase the waiver of the deductible.

When handing over the car, we charge you a deposit securing any damage to the car. The deposit can be paid with a personal credit card. You can also waive the deposit by paying for the waiver of the deductible.

The abolition of the deductible in the damage releases the obligation to pay the deposit and the driver’s liability for the damage. You can decide to waive the deductible in the damage when making the reservation or when picking up the car. More information can be found in our regulations available HERE.

The deposit is released from the credit card on the day the car is returned. If it is not possible to inspect the car due to the weather or a dirty car – on the next day. After this time, the card owner (bank) keeps the deposits for 7-21 days. In order to speed up this process, we recommend that you contact your bank.

The car must be returned with the same fuel level as it was rented.

Oczywiście. Chęć wyjazdu poza granicę Polski należy zgłosić przed odebraniem samochodu oraz dokonać opłaty.

Secure the vehicle. The car user is obliged to contact the lessor as soon as possible and call the police to the scene. In order to avoid high costs related to the repair of the car, we offer additional insurance – the elimination of the share in the damage, thanks to which the customer is not charged with the costs of the repair.

Yes, all cars in our company have the necessary AC / OC / NNW / ASSISTANCE insurance.